Playing the Lottery in Chapter 13

Guest post written by Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyer, Peter Bricks I recently read a story in the Newnan Times Herald about a struggling Coweta, Georgia mother of three teenagers who won a quarter-million dollars in the Georgia lottery. She talked about how she was going to use the money to save for her kids college and…

ball and chain depicted--free from financial bondage

Bankruptcy Experiences of Clients #6

Written by Charleston Bankruptcy Lawyer, Russell A. DeMott I met this client back in 2010. Her financial problems were largely caused by a failed marriage in which she was left “holding the bag.” Her case was involved and required numerous meetings because, with her income, it was difficult to put her in a Chapter 7…

mortgage statement for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy or a Reverse Mortgage?

Written by Charleston Bankruptcy Lawyer, Russell A. DeMott Bankruptcy isn’t always your only option or even your best option. For some, it’s the perfect solution. For others, it would just cause them more trouble than it’s worth. A reverse mortgage may be the answer Reverse mortgages are a great solution for those who are, in…


Will the Bankruptcy Trustee Take Your Tax Refund?

Guest Post by By Victoria Maydanik, consumer bankruptcy attorney in San Jose, California and owner of Maydanik Law Firm. Each year during tax season, hundreds of people lose some or all of their tax refund in bankruptcy court.  After the first of each year, here is a fairly typical discourse between the bankruptcy trustee and…

IRS substitutes for returns and bankruptcy

Tax Withholding and Your Bankruptcy

Written by Charleston Bankruptcy Lawyer, Russell A. DeMott Having enough tax withheld is critical for your financial success. In my Charleston bankruptcy practice, I see lots of tax problems. Clients usually owe the IRS or the South Carolina Department of Revenue.  We can usually Using Bankruptcy to Discharge Tax Debt or repay it in a…


Should You File Your Own Bankruptcy?

Guest Post Written by Platteville, Wisconsin Bankruptcy Lawyer, Bret Nason A popular bankruptcy-related internet search is: “Can I file bankruptcy on my own?” The short answer is yes. Filing bankruptcy without the help of an attorney is allowed and is called a pro se filing. However, filing pro se is a really bad idea. Unless…

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Children: The Forgotten Victims of Financial Distress

Guest Post by Garden City, New York Bankruptcy Lawyer, Frank P. Pipitone As a new father, my 9-month-old son is teaching me lessons on a daily basis. Besides the crash course I am getting in child development, I have learned more about life, love and happiness in the last 9 months than all the previous…

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Exemptions in Bankruptcy

Written by Charleston Bankruptcy Lawyer, Russell A. DeMott When people starting thinking of bankruptcy, they wonder about whether their property will be taken.  “Will they take my house? Will they take my car?” they ask. That’s where exemptions come in. What are exemptions? Exemptions are laws which allow a debtor to protect a certain amount…